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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about authentication

How long does a session token last?

The session token is valid for 24 hours from the time it is generated.

Once a session token is generated is it mandatory to use that token until it expires?

The session token is intended to be generated only one per day and renewed. However, this is not limiting, you can have a different session token on each server that is executing the PhotoILike API calls and have this token renewed every 24 hours.

Although not recommended, it is possible that for various reasons a simple implementation may be required to use PhotoILike services and a new session token can be generated each time a group of images is scanned (even if that means making 200 requests per day for 200 session tokens).

Frequently asked questions about client-key

Why does the client-key not work?

The most common reason why a client-key does not work is because they are only using the prefix of the token instead of using the entire token.

How should client-keys be stored?

Since the client-key is a sensitive data, PhotoILike recommends storing all client-keys in a KMS (Key Management Service).

In case it is not feasible to use a KMS and you need to store a database that limits the size of the strings, we recommend storing it as if it were of type file, blob or object. This is because the generated client-keys do not always have to have the same size. Currently, they have a size of 358 characters but this length can be increased in the future.

Frequently asked questions about sorting

How do I get the identifier of the image to use the sorting service?

The identifier is an identifier that has nothing to do with PhotoILike services so you can use any identifier you consider appropriate. The most common identifiers to use are the url where the image is hosted, its database identifier or the file name.

Do I need to use the labels used in the PhotoILike service?

Although at PhotoILike we work very hard to have a good classifier and we improve it periodically, we do not force you to use our tagger. For this reason you don't need to use the tags that our service uses, you can use any tag you want.

Frequently asked questions about images

What is the maximum image size allowed?

The size of the image must not exceed 10MB.

What image formats can be used?

Currently supported formats are jpg, jpeg and png.
The webp, heic and avif formats are included on an experimental basis.

Frequently asked questions about API call errors

Why do my API requests return a 403 code?

Your user does not have the role that allows you to consume API resources. You can contact the PhotoILike team to request it through this link.

How do I get my user to have the necessary role to consume API resources?

You can request it to the PhotoILike team through this link.

Frequently asked questions about how to make requests

Is it possible to make requests in parallel for the same resource?

PhotoILike allows the use of parallel calls. The following table indicates the limit of simultaneous requests per client-key.

Resource Limit
score 5/sec
label 5/sec
sort 10/sec

Below you can see several of the examples of the use of parallel requests that PhotoILike services consume: